This page is an informative page about the Annual Millennium Mile! Look Here For Information.
10th Annual Millennium Mile
?May all your miles be downhill and with the wind at your back.?br> Sunday December 28, 2008
Time: 2:00pm
Londonderry NH (
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To benefit the Jack and June Mortimer Memorial Scholarship


Event Co-Founders:

Andy Downin
Matt Downin
John Mortimer

Event Sponsors:
Derry Family Dentistry
Rodney Furr
The Orthopedic Center
Susan & Terry Ragon
The Union Leader

Scholarship Donors:
Phil & Carol Anderson
Bob & Sue Downin
Alan & Janet Baker
Mark & Linda Burdick
Eldon and Sachiko Burkinshaw
Gordon Burnett
Deirdre & Gregory Carson
Jana Clemons
Don Clukies
Ronald Cobb
Kerry Countie
Ben Coutu
Gary Cowles
Rick Devine
Kevin Distaso
Brenda Dutton
Steven & Emily Dutton
Patrick & Jennifer Dwyer
William Dwyer
Ed & Louis Dziergowski
Ted FitzPatrick
John Freidman
Brian Ford
Karen Gillespie
Julie Hanover
Andy Hayes and Family
Cara Haas
Laura & Ben Howe
Kimberly Hughes
Beverly & John Kennedy
Virginia Kerouac
Rabbi & Mrs Levi Krinksky
Gregory & Carol Landroche
Dick Kuhl
Steven & Danielle Lawrence
Jeremy Lindquist
Nate Lindquist
Mark Laliberte
Dr. John & Dr. Cyrilla Lombardi
Bill Lovely
Janet Lovely
Lynne Manning
Larry & Marguerite Martin
Fred Matuszewski
Katie McGregor
Kevin McGovern
Michael McGuire
Cathy, Michael & Anthony Merra
John & Linda Miles
Amanda Miller
Dale & Patricia Miller
Matthew & Megan Moran
Bill & Judy Newcomb
Susan & Terry Ragon
Karen Rapallo
Larry Rawson
Matthew Raylinsky
Sheryl Rogers
Stephen & June Sabo
Nickolas & MaryAnne Sarbanis
Kevin & Suzy Smith
Suzanne & Chase Smith
Howard & Jane Sobolov
Maribel and John Souther
Stahl Family
Mary & Porter Starratt
William Stelling
St. Joe?s Medical Center Case Managers
Don & Terri Synborski
Edmond Thibodeau
Kathleen & Marc Thibaudeau
Edward & Jeanette Wojcik


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or Mail-In Form

- $10 adults
- $5 kids 12 and younger

- 12:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. at Londonderry High School Gym
- $15 adults
- $5 kids 12 and younger.

- A point-to-point road 1-MILE race starting on Mammoth Road in front of Londonderry High School running south (DOWNHILL) on Mammoth Road and ending on Mammoth Road 1/8 mile south of Mack?s Apples Farm. 

- Accurate Chip timing.

- First 400 to register will receive a MM t-shirt

AWARDS (At Londonderry High School Gym Carpal Tunnel Exercises immediately following the race)
- Cash awards to Top 3 Overall Male and Female finishers.
- Reebok Merchandise Prizes to top 3 men and women in the following age groups: (13-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+)
- Awards to girl and boy winners of each age 12 and under
- ?mile bonus = $50 to first person to the ?mile mark louis vuitton handbags.
- ?mile bonus = $75 to first person to the ?mile mark.
- ?mile bonus = $100 to first person to the ?mile mark.
- $500 course record bonus (if men?s and women?s records are both bettered, the bonus will be split)

- Drinks, Food, and Awards immediately following the race at Londonderry High School Gym

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Millennium Mile